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Happy Friday friends!

Today I want to talk about this wonderful planner I got from Plum Paper!

I had come across their products via Instagram, and after a little research, fell in love with how customizable the planners were.  You're able to choose your cover style, any text you would like on the cover, and from there the possibilities are endless! They even offer a teacher and student layout!

There are several layout options - I chose a vertical planner with each month broken up into "morning, afternoon and evening."

I love the structure that gives to my day planning.  I'm a very high strung, Type A, anxious person, and despite random bouts of laziness (or undiagnosed generalized anxiety), I like to keep my days organized and know exactly what is happening - when, where and why.

 I also bounce back and forth with needing freedom and needing structure, which is why a planner is good for me.  When I'm feeling motivated, I know have a space to plan ahead for the times that I'm feeling like a blob.  I think I'm a hippie spirit trapped inside the mind of a panicked anxiety cat.

Another thing I love about the planner are the generous amounts of pages for each month.  There are plenty of spaces to schedule your day, plus room for notes for the week ahead.  I also love the goals section for each month.  I think it's great to frequently set small goals for yourself - how else are you going to grow and improve? You're also more likely to accomplish your goals if they are smaller and more easily reached, which makes you feel great!

For my planner, I added on two sections: budget and meal planning.  They have several different choices, depending on what you are needing - for all you moms out there, there is an add-on for a baby section! The sections are very generous; the meal planning section gives plenty of pages for shopping lists, weekly meals, and measurements/conversions.

At the end of the planner, there are spaces for passwords, addresses, notes and a handy pocket to hold loose paper. I don't know about you,  but I have a hard time remembering all of my passwords.  I can remember a random fact about medieval weaponry, but your birthday or my password? Not a clue.

Now, in addition to planners, Plum Paper also has stationary, notebooks, and accessories. Another thing for moms (or dads!) is a snap in dashboard that you can add into your notebook - with a dry erase feeding schedule!  Its such a handy spot to keep up with those endless feedings and diaper changes!

Snagged this photo from the Plum Paper site

There are also dashboards for fitness, homework, social media, etc.
Click here to see all their dashboard choices!

If you are needing something small to keep an area of your life organized, they offer bundles for things like wellness and budgeting that come with a journal, notepad and stickers!
Click here to check out the bundles!

If you are looking to get your life organized, with a stylish and customized planner that is budget friendly, look no further than Plum Paper!  If you would like to receive 10% off your first order of $30 or more, let me know and I can email you a referral! All you have to do is create an account with Plum Paper and enter your code at checkout! This works for first time customers only!

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