Last Minute Gifts?

1:02 PM

Happy Sunday everyone!

Just wanted to take a minute to talk about my friend Mandi over at Southern Hewn!  Mandi and her hubs make custom ornaments, pallet art, canvas paintings and more!  She and I connected through a mutual friend, and when I saw the hand painted ornaments she does for Christmas, I knew I had to have one.

For the ornament, I just had to send her a family photo, which for us included a photo of our pups and cats.  From there, she does the rest!

I love how much detail she put into each of our pets! 

I asked Mandi to give me a little info on the ornament process:

"Ok so the way the ornaments work is you send me a picture or pictures to work from. I can either create the outfits from the pictures, or sometimes people like just generic Christmas colored outfits. And then you also get to pick what it says on it."

"A little background about the ornaments :) they are 100% handmade! We use cedar from either our back yard or my parents' property in Tennessee.  My husband and my dad cut the trees into slices, I bake the slices to finish drying them out and also kill any critters. Then I paint them and seal them. Mr. Honeyface drills me the holes and they are ready to go!"

The ornaments, including shipping, are $23 and can be ordered from her Facebook page or Instagram!  Orders can be paid for via PayPal.  To receive an ornament for a Christmas gift, they must be placed by the 20th.

Mandi is located in Hazel Green, AL, and is hoping to have a new vendor space soon for all her projects.  If you're looking for a great hand painted gift, check her out! Shoot her a message for a custom order.  Click here to follow her Facebook page and here for her Instagram!

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