Coffee and Cake

4:03 PM

Now that the weather has settled into a steady coldness, by mid-afternoon I'm looking for something warm and sweet to revive my spirits and hold me over to an appropriate dinner time.  I have nothing against eating dinner at 4:30, but that leaves me hungry for second dinner and dessert, which should not be happening, no matter how delicious it is.  In England they have afternoon tea, and in Germany they have coffee and cake, or kaffee und kuchen.  Being partly of German descent, and owning an authentic German dessert set, I decided to perk up the middle of my week with a German Sunken Apple Cake, or Versunkener Apfelkuchen.  

This was a very easy cake to make, with the only time consuming part being the apples.  I chose to follow one fellow blogger's advice and quarter my apple, then thinly cut the quarters like a hasselback potato.  If you need a dessert in a hurry, you can always just thinly slice the apples and lay them out over the top.  Your apple sections get pressed into the thick batter, where they open up as they bake so you can see the design better.

The recipe called for a springform pan, but the only one I have is too large, so I used an 8in. round cake pan, sprayed and lined with parchment, and my cake turned out beautifully.  I did add a sprinkle of sugar over the top before baking, and then a dusting of powdered sugar once it was cool.  I did feel like the batter could use some heavy cream or sour cream to lighten it up a bit, as it did bake up somewhat dense.  However, the flavor and texture of the thinly sliced apples was perfect.

Now for coffee and cake!

I invited over a friend to chat and enjoy kaffee und kuchen with me.  I greatly enjoy those one on one chats, especially when there's sweets and caffeine to go along with it!

 I encourage you to add this tradition into your week somewhere.  I imagine slices of this cake would freeze well, and you could keep it tucked away for a few weeks for yourself or surprise visitors.  Simply bring to room temperature, or warm (covered) in the oven, and top with whipped cream and a fresh dusting of powdered sugar.  I always do this with pound cake! You never know when you'll have to play hostess, and there's not always time in our busy schedules to bake.

The recipe for German Apple Cake can be found at:

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