Holiday in the UK - Days 10 & 11

11:31 AM

After a drizzly and cold few days in Edinburgh, we took the train into London. 

We got breakfast on the train, both getting the bacon bun. 

It was a crusty roll with butter, streaky bacon, and brown sauce. Brown sauce tastes like if you mixed Heinz 57 with a small amount of ketchup.  I have a deep and long lasting love affair with sauces. Most foods I eat are just vehicles to eat the dipping sauce in a civilized manner. For some reason it’s frowned upon to eat your sauce with a spoon.  Now, back to the train.  

We got to see the countryside change back into city, and after arriving in King’s Cross, we took a cab to our Airbnb.  The Airbnb was very cute and stereotypical London.  It was in an artsy, eclectic neighborhood, and was within walking distance of a street market and theater.  


The downside? So most houses in the UK do not have AC. There’s no need, because it rarely gets hot enough to need it. We had adjusted pretty well, but London was having a heat wave. Our room at the Airbnb was on the third floor, with a single window that did not face the incoming breeze. Cue American weakness. 
We had booked an afternoon tea with our host, and while she was busy assembling our sandwiches, we were upstairs sweating and booking a hotel. Thankfully she took the news well that we were leaving, and we stayed to sweatily enjoy our tea and cake, then moved on to the hotel. She even packed us a box of sandwiches and cake to take with us!



Y’all. I have never been more happy to be in a hotel room. I didn’t have to talk to anyone I didn’t want to. I had icy cold air blasting down upon me. It was glorious.


What to do when you're feeling like a diva American? Watch the Kardashians.

 We spent the rest of the day walking around Hyde Park and the grounds of Kensington Palace.

The next day, we found a hop on/hop off tour that has a crew of busses that travel around the city to the popular tourist sites, and you can get on any bus to go to a different site.
 It’s a great idea in theory, but I think we made a poor selection on the group.  The time spent waiting on a bus to finally show up seemed like a waste to me. The plus side is that we were able to see Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, London Bridge and the British House of Commons. 

The bus tour also offered a few bonus tours, like a Beatles tour, which we took. It. Was. Awful. Our guide was not friendly, was unintelligible, and gave incorrect facts. At one point half the group left and there was a confrontation between the guide and a group member, so once his back was turned we bolted.  We did end up eating at Shake Shack in the middle of the city, so that was exciting to get to people watch. 

Our takeout Indian food - samosas, curry, tandoori chicken and rice

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