Holiday in the UK - Day 12

12:40 PM

We finished up our final day of a two week UK adventure with a fun day in London.
Our first stop - the most instagrammable bakery: Peggy Porschen.

Number two on our agenda - a big red bus tea tour!

The bus tour is on an old double decker bus, and had "booths" set up with a table, cupholders for your keepsake to-go tea mug, and a tiered tray of goodies!

We boarded the bus at the bus station, and were promptly served our piping hot tea (or coffee!) and set off on the tour.  There was an audio tour playing overhead that described the buildings and streets we were passing by, and our hostesses checked on us occasionally to see if we needed a refill.

Our trays included dainty tea sandwiches, mini cakes and other treats.  Then, the hostesses delivered warm scones with clotted cream and jam!

Mango Tart

We were stuffed!  The tour was very informative, all our treats were fresh and delicious, and the service was impeccable.  Not too shabby for a last minute airport find!

The best part to me was the expression on pedestrians' faces when they saw the bus.  Almost everyone we passed would look up at the bus, read the sign on the side, then smile and nudge their friends to look.  I felt like the Queen graciously looking down upon the commoners.

Our next adventure included a trip to Borough Market.  I had seen on Pinterest that there were several food stalls at the market, one of which included raclette.  Raclette is a wheel of cheese that is cut in half, then has the cut edge heated to melt the cheese.  The cheese is then scraped off, and can either be eaten as is, or in our case, was scraped onto a pile of salty boiled potatoes and accompanied with cornichon pickles and tiny pickled onions.


At the market, we also got a cup of freshly squeezed juice (I got beet + strawberry), as well as empanadas.  The key to life is balance.

That evening, we had decided that if we were going to be in London, we had to end the trip with a Jack the Ripper walking tour.  I'm a weird creepy person, and am fascinated with cemeteries, death and serial killers.  This was my dream tour.

We walked the streets of Whitechapel, tracing the route of the murders, stopping to look at pictures and discuss theories along the way.  Near the end of the tour, we stopped to discuss one of the murders, in which one of the victim's scarf was found in a doorway.  Our guide showed us an old photograph of the doorway, then had us turn around to see the exact same doorway, unchanged.  It was an exciting moment in the tour! The spot that we finished was in the exact spot that one of the victim's bodies had been found (at the time it was an alley; now it is an open courtyard).

We had an amazing time on this trip and can't wait to go on our next big adventure....maybe Canada?

Our Tea Tour:

Jack the Ripper Tour:

Borough Market:

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