UK Trip - Days 8 & 9

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While staying in Edinburgh, we took a day trip into the Highlands.  Our bus driver had the most perfect accent, and was so informative.  We went to several castles, one of which was Doune Castle- if you've seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Outlander, then you've seen this castle.

They provided an audio tour, of which I chose the Outlander tour (mostly because it was narrated by Sam Heughan aka Jamie Fraser. They also had narration based on Monty Python, so in each room you could see where the filmed certain scenes.  We also saw several Lochs (from which I took a rock to bring home), traveled through the countryside, and learned a bit of Gaelic.

If you are ever in the UK, I cannot recommend the Rabies tour enough.  It was the best tour we had on the trip. I'm including a link to their site at the end of the post.

I'm taking a moment to interject this tiny, unrelated bit of cuteness: milk delivery!

Our Airbnb hosts were in a neighborhood that has recently brought back home milk delivery.  We stepped outside one morning to find bottles of milk waiting on the front steps.  How adorable is that!?

I had read that one of everyones must do for a trip to the UK is to have a Sunday roast.  I pinterest-ed and searched and finally found the pub to do just that - The Queen's Arms. We reserved a roast, which was shareable and came with dessert.  Upon arrival, we were shown to our booth (which had doors!) and we ordered a pint to start.

 I got a beer that they brewed on site, and it was delicious.  The beautiful thing about restaurants overseas is that the staff is paid a living wage, and are not working on tips.  You know how in American restaurants your server is at your table multiple times, constantly checking on if you're ready to order, refilling your glass when it's only missing an ounce, and bringing you the check before you've even started eating your entree? That doesn't happen there.  They keep an eye on you, but they respect your dining experience.  You aren't going to feel pressured to leave the table.  We had made reservations for our booth, and it was ours for three hours.  Can you imagine?

Then, our platter of food arrived.

We got: a beautifully tender and bloody roast, mashed root vegetables, yorkshire puddings, broccoli, roasted potatoes, and a jug of gravy.  A JUG OF GRAVY.

Did I already say a jug of gravy? I put gravy on everything.  I poured it on my roast.  I poured it on my potatoes.  I dipped my bread in it.  I dipped my broccoli in it.  Had they given me a straw, I probably would have drank it.

We wanted to hike up to Arthur's seat while we were there, which has amazing views of the entire city, but our only free day was drizzling rain and so cloudy that you wouldn't have seen anything.  Instead, we trudged around the city and found a graveyard to explore!

We did the day tour from Edinburgh, "West Highlands, Lochs and Castles"

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