Holiday in the UK - Days 7 & 8

12:07 PM

After leaving Eyemouth, we went to Stirling.  There we were able to see Stirling Castle, home to Mary Queen of Scots, and the William Wallace monument.

The monument had a very steep spiral staircase to the top, and had 5 levels to stop on to see memorabilia and have a rest.  I made it to level 4 and gave up.  Graham decided to brave the last round of stairs, and made it to the top for a very windy and cold view of the countryside.

We only stayed one night in Stirling, so we took our Airbnb host's suggestions of a local inn for dinner. The inn and attached restaurant were just a short walk into the village. I had the most incredible fish with red peppers and potatoes, and Graham got a chicken burger and chips (fries).  Then came time for dessert. Sweet baby J, the heavens opened and angels sang as the waitress brought out the chocolate puddle cake, complete with a jug of hot custard to pour over the top.  And pour we did.  I can honestly say that it was the best dessert I've ever had in my life.

We had booked a full Scottish breakfast at our Airbnb, but the day before I had tried lamb for the first time at lunch (which was gamey tasting), and then woke up with a headache.  By the time breakfast was served, I was nauseous.

This did not go well with a plate full of strange meats and haggis. Then came this picture, courtesy of Snapchat:

At this point in the trip, we should have planned for a breakdown and booked a hotel to have a cleanse from people.  As a highly sensitive introvert, I need time alone to recover, away from people and visual stimulus.  We had been going non-stop for a week, staying with people we didn't know and having to make conversation, getting less than optimal sleep, and experiencing change and stress every waking hour.  I had hit a wall.  Soon, my salvation was coming.

Our next destination was Edinburgh, which I have always pronounced incorrectly. I've always said "edin-borough", but it is in fact "edinbru(insert phlegmy -ghhh sound)gh".  The weather was cool and drizzly there, and the town was steep and hilly, but we found the holy land.  The Hard Rock Cafe.

I know, I know.  I detest chain restaurants when traveling.  I want local and I want culture.  But that day, by God, I wanted fried chicken fingers, bbq sauce and mac and cheese. 
Graham's dinner

I had to combine two appetizers for this. Totally worth it.

And it was there that I found it.  And it. was. glorious.  My spirit renewed and my belly full of American goodness, I was able to move forward with joy.  We also found a cute little coffee shop, where we stopped in for the best Americano and milk that I have ever tasted, and a surprisingly delicious vegan chocolate and blackberry cake.  The breakfast menu looked divine, so we came back the next day.

I got their french toast.  If they had been open for dinner, I would have gladly taken all my meals there, but alas, they were not.  Instead, we had some of the best Italian food we've ever eaten at a small place in town.

Are you seeing a trend here? It's really all about the food.  The accents and sightseeing are just a bonus.

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