Holiday in the UK - Days 5,6 & 7

2:39 PM

After leaving Liverpool, we moved on to York.  There we were able to see The Shambles, a street dating back to medieval times, with buildings that are slightly crooked.  It is said to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, and there are several Harry Potter themed shops on the street.

We also went to York Castle and walked around the town, which was quite pretty!

While in York, we had our first full english breakfast.

 It. Was. Amazing.  Anyone that thinks that beans don't belong at breakfast is wrong.  The beans combined with a runny egg and crisp sausages are flavor perfection.  We also visited Betty's Tea Room, which had a line down the street, but it was well worth the wait.  We got a cozy little table in the corner, and were able to watch the people pass by on the street, as well as enjoy a hot cuppa and a delicious fruit scone.


That night, we ate at a small pub for dinner, and the next day found a print in a shop of the street and sign from the pub!

Our next stop was Scotland! You could tell you were heading higher up as we traveled, as the landscape began to change.  There were more hills, wild heather growing on the side of the road, and many more fields of livestock.  We stopped at the border to take some very windy photos, and then headed on to our next Airbnb.

Scotland signs have both English and Gaelic 

 We stayed with a sweet woman named Camilla, who was a travel agent as well as a very talented artist.  She painted watercolor flowers, and sold greeting cards and other prints with her designs.  She pointed us in the direction of a walk through the fields, (you are free to go anywhere there's a footpath - free to roam law) which led us to visit with a nice horse friend, and then into the town for a massive seafood platter.  Afterward, we ended up watching tv with her, discussing the difference between America and the UK, and her graciously doing a load of laundry for us.  Our stay with her was exactly why we had chosen to stay in Airbnb's.  Her home was beautiful and comfortable, and she shared so much insight into life in the UK.

The next morning, Camilla made us a delicious breakfast, then took us cherry picking in the field behind her house!

She packed us up a basket of cherries, filled our water bottle for the road, and then waved us off to our next stop - Stirling!

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