Holiday in the UK - Days 3-5

4:44 PM

After leaving Stonehenge, we made our way to the Cotswolds.  I had already picked out a spot for afternoon tea, so before we checked into our Airbnb, we stopped in Stow-on-the-Wold to visit Lucy's Tea Room.  The town center was adorable, with lots of shops packed in on tiny streets.  It was raining when we got there, so we didn't venture too far.

Our tea included two sandwiches (we chose egg salad and tuna mayo with cucumber), two scones with jam and clotted cream, and two slices of cake (we chose coffee walnut and lemon layer).  We got really lucky and ended up with a window seat.

 It sounds and looks like a dream. The real life version of this is that to my immediate left was an old woman who alternated between loudly blowing her nose and a wet, hacking cough. Yummy. She left halfway through our tea, so we did get to enjoy part of it mucous free.

After tea, we attempted to make our way to our Airbnb, but the directions were a bit confusing, and our host was unreachable, so we got lost a few times.  Thankfully, a nice family and their pups helped us out and we finally made it.

We had to venture back into town for dinner, which was a bit of a struggle as none of the restaurants were open on a Sunday night.  The only thing we could find was an Italian restaurant.  Now, here's where it gets awful.  We had come into town via a steep, one lane (but not one way) road, and had decided that on the way back we were not going that way.  We thought the GPS was taking us back on our original route, but we were wrong.  We began climbing up what felt like the side of a mountain, on a one lane (again, it was a two way road) road.  The brush on the sides of the road was scraping the car on both sides....which made me wonder what would happen if a car was coming down the mountain.  Cue panic attack.  Somehow, we made it back alive.

The next day, we had booked a secret cottage tour.  We met up with our group, and spent the day on a tour of Cotswolds cottages and small villages.


Jane Austen stayed here and based her novel "Mansfield Park" on this house and village

 We also made several stops at the guide's house for tea and a delicious lunch!

The next day, we drove up to Liverpool for Graham to do a Beatles tour.  This ended up being a personal tour, with just our guide and a driver.  We went to the birthplaces of all the Beatles, saw their childhood neighborhoods, as well as visiting Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and Woolton Village Fete, where John and Paul met.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie, Chips and Gravy

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