Holiday in the UK - Days 1-3

5:06 PM

Hey there!  We’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in England and Scotland!  We hadn’t really been able to vacation while working on the house, with the lack of a yard and one anxiety ridden pup, so now that we’re all settled in, we were able to finally venture out!  This trip had been a while in the making, almost as long as the house, with lots of planning, scheduling, and of course, using trusty Pinterest as my guide.  Now that my sister is a travel agent, I will definitely be enlisting her help in future vacations, as we found that we made a few mistakes while planning our trip.  You live and learn.

Our trip began by flying into London Heathrow, where we picked up our rental car and began the terrifying drive out of the parking lot.  

We stopped at a service station, which had several restaurants inside!

We got a Cornish pasty and a sausage roll:

After several wrong turns, almost puling into the wrong lanes, and getting lost, we finally were successfully driving on the (to us) wrong side of the road. Our first stop was a small village outside of Dover.  We chose Airbnb for all our lodging, so we could get a better feel for the culture there and insight on where to visit.  The first day was cold and rainy, which was perfect as we needed lots of rest.  


While in Dover, we visited the white cliffs, which were absolutely breathtaking.  We also had our first meal of fish and chips (delicious!), and went to Leeds castle, where I got to take part in a hawk walk.  We, along with the falconer, took out a Harris hawk, and I was able to fly him from my arm.  I love birds, and have this weird fascination with hawks (I can spot them no matter where I am…pretty sure they’re my spirit animal).  

It was so much fun seeing the bird make decisions on whether or not it wanted the tasty snack I was offering it or which route it wanted to take while flying. The castle grounds were also lovely.

We sent ourselves postcards along the way, so we had documentation of what we did during the trip.  It’s always fun to get mail, even if its just from yourself!  

After leaving Dover, our next stop was the Cotswolds.  Along the way, we decided to visit Stonehenge.  I had always wanted to see it, but had decided that if it was raining too much, I would be fine to just keep going.  I’m so glad we actually decided to stop.  There a long road leading from the ticket office to the stones, and you don’t see it until you finally come over a small hill.  The energy there is unmistakeable. The day we visited was gray and dreary, but the vibrance of the monument was incredible.  It felt almost unnatural to see so many people surrounding it, taking selfies and casually strolling about, when I could feel so much power and, excuse the crunchy hippie word, vibrations coming off of it. I actually teared up a bit, standing there in front of it.  I only have one or two good pictures of it, as I felt a little disrespectful taking them.

This concludes our first three days across the pond.  Up next - The Cotswolds, Liverpool and York!

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