The Kitchen is Finished!

3:27 PM

As per my usual writing habits, I tend to disappear for a while.

We've been busy little bees, trying to establish a routine here at the house, as well as finishing up projects.  We were also able to take our first overnight vacation in over a year, since we finally have a space the dogs can stay in while we're gone.  One of our pups has pretty bad anxiety, especially with new people, so leaving her to be walked by another person or boarded just isn't a good choice for her. We now have a yard they can hang in and a dog sitter they love!

We have almost gotten all our extra items moved from our previous location, and the next step is emptying our storage building. I feel like I need to re-read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Or just buy a box of matches and lighter fluid.

We are also working on planning a date this month for an open house!  I plan on sharing on here the transformation that our house went through, but I would also love to have our friends and family see it in person!

Today I'm going to share our kitchen makeover with you.  We just finished our open shelving, and I was able to get the shelves styled and all of the boxes emptied and put away.

Here is the before of the kitchen:

The realtor listing photo makes it look much better than it was

The floor was a cement slab, covered in broken tiles, and exited into the living room via a toolbox used as a step.  The cabinets were dirty, dated, and made for someone much taller than myself.  Somehow I could see through all of this, and oddly enough found a "pinspiration" that matched the layout of the kitchen.

My Pinterest inspiration photo

And here is our kitchen from the same angle!

We decided to keep the flow that was already established, and add in an island with power, as well as a bank of cabinets on the opposite wall.

 We saved a ton of money by using Ikea cabinets, which was worth the hours spent assembling them all.

Our open shelving was free - the shelves are the floor joists from the local elementary school gym!  It was being reconstructed and we stole snatched these up and had them cut to fit.

The countertops are black granite, and our island top was a piece of butcher block that we got from Lumber Liquidators.

If you've watched the show Psych, you get this.

We have a few tiny details to finish, like the crown moulding above the cabinets and in our coffee nook, plus changing out a faulty smoke detector.  It's currently wearing its dust protector cap so it doesn't scream the song of its people every time we open the oven.  Send up some prayers to the writing gods that I come back soon with more posts! 

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