New and Improved Master Bedroom

9:00 AM

This month we're participating in "No Buy July", which means that we aren't making any unnecessary purchases the entire month.  We're also making more of an effort to use up what we have, and find things from within the house to fit the want rather than making a new purchase.  I'm an avid Amazon shopper and will make a purchase at the drop of a hat (no thanks to the one click ordering option).  However, after spending the weekend sweating profusely while emptying a storage building, sorting through the vast expanse of our hoarding, and donating an entire truckload of excess items, we have got to make a change.

I think our generation is trying to get back to simpler times, despite the constant bombardment of technology, FOMO, and the media telling us we need more. We remember a time before the internet, before we knew everything our neighbor had, causing us to want that and more.  We were also the ones who ushered in the internet, learning every new technological advance as it happened, and now we're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and unhappy with the mountains of stuff we have.  This is why No Buy July really speaks to me.  I want to work on living a simpler life, and save some money along the way.

Today I wanted to share the master bedroom makeover with you.  As you'll see, we've decorated simply and resourcefully.  I wanted this room to feel cozy and, as crazy as this sounds, like it belonged in someone else's home.  You know how when you stay somewhere, like a nice resort or an Airbnb, and everything is clean and crisp and neutral enough to keep you relaxed but homey enough that you feel like you belong? That was my goal.

So this is the before of the bedroom:

Ok, ok, that's not quite the before.  It's the scary, halfway point.  Just thought I would give you a little jolt.

The far wall of the bedroom originally had one window, dead center, which makes the wall virutally unusable in a bedroom.

We had our contractor take out the window and put two in each corner:


On this wall, we had the closets removed and the porch opened back up, which gave us a new wall.

I love the lived-in linen look this cotton duvet has.

For the window treatments, everything except the bamboo shades came from Ikea.  We love the prices they offer and the eclectic feel their designs produce.  My favorite thing about the bamboo shades is the warmth they give to the room.


Can you believe that we got this chair a few years ago at a thrift store for FIVE DOLLARS?!


On this wall, we removed the fireplace (the original bricks inside had lost a tremendous amount of mortar), but we do have an antique mantel that we are putting on the wall to honor the original fireplace.

All of our furniture and decor were pieces we already owned.
Rug: RugsUSA
Duvet: Ikea
Patterned Curtains: Ikea

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