We've Moved!

5:22 PM

We’ve officially moved in!! Hallelujah, let the angels rejoice, forever and ever, amen.

The past week has gone by in a blur! All of the last minute items to be finished were wrapped up rather quickly, and all we had to do was wait on the floor sealant to be safe to walk on. After a few days of impatiently waiting on it to dry, we were finally able to start bringing in boxes. We’ve done a slow move in this time around, partly because we aren’t having to rush out of our previous house, and partly so that we aren’t moving items we don’t want to keep. I’m hoping to really purge a lot of things that I’ve been holding on to, and start collecting items that I truly love.



It’s definitely hard for me to get rid of items that are still usable, but aren’t necessarily my style. It’s time to start purchasing (and keeping) items for quality and joy, rather than on a whim or for obligation. My goal is to simplify and start living with less, so that there are more opportunities (and money!) to go towards adventures, rather than stuff. We love to travel, and my next goal is to get debt free, find an adorable little fixer-upper camper, and go exploring!



Until then, we've got lots of work to do around the house.  We're currently working on seeing what pieces of our furniture work in different rooms, and finding the perfect spot on the wall for art.  We also still have to get the boards cut for our open shelving in the kitchen and the pantry. As we get rooms completed, I'll be sharing those with you!

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