Decorating the Guest Room

3:33 PM

We've been in the farmhouse a little over a week now, and are still busy busy trying to get everything put away and the rooms completed.  I feel like its going to take a year just to get boxes unpacked and clothes put away.  Have I mentioned how much I despise hanging up clothes? I despise hanging up clothes.  I'm not talking about clothes any more today.

Today I would love to show you how the guest room is coming along!


I'm still deciding on what pieces will go on the walls, as well as curtains.  We've chosen to use bamboo shades throughout the house, and they will also be in this room.

As you can see, the cats have decided that this is their space.

Luna aka Mrs. Fluff 

Stella aka The Babe

If not evidenced by the constantly rumpled comforter from intense battles, or the multitude of picked strings on the blanket, you will typically find one of them snuggled on the bed. Guests beware, you could have a disgruntled roommate.

My original vision for the room included two twin beds, but because of budget constraints and the fact that we already had a queen frame and mattress, the single bed won out.  The yellow bedding (which we got from Ikea) adds a lovely pop of color and contrasts nicely with the blue blanket, rust colored pillow and nightstand (also Ikea!).  From there, I added an assortment of furniture and decorative pieces.  I love an eclectic look of mismatched furniture.

All that's left now for the fireplace is to re-attach the iron surround and paint the hearth.

 I went with very simple decor for the mantle, using pieces I purchased from last year's Country Living Fair.  I wanted the guest space to be calm, comfortable and inviting.  The only thing left is to find a cozy rug to tuck under the bed!



 I set my sewing machine up in here, so hopefully I can start working on those skills.  My grandma taught me how to sew when I was little; I made a couple of dresses for myself then, but have forgotten a lot of what to do.  My goal this summer is to be able to successfully sew one article of clothing.

Bedding, Bed Frame, Nightstand, Faux plant and metal planter:

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