Bathrooms...and waiting..

11:30 AM

It's been a while since I've posted, but never fear, the house is still standing.

As it always happens with renovation projects, the money runs out.  We are finally getting the upgrade to our loan approved this week, and we'll be able to start back to work. Before this, we had also hit a lull waiting on specialty tradesmen to come in and complete their portion of the project (tile, plumbing, etc), but the bathrooms are just about finished! The most exciting part is that there are working toilets!  Hallelujah for indoor plumbing.

We're still waiting on the clawfoot tub to be plumbed and the hallway sink to be installed.  There is also trim and touch up paint that needs to be done, and then the bathrooms will be finished.

I really love the look of an all white bathroom.  It feels so clean and fresh, and it allows for lots of greenery and wood tones to be added to warm it up.  I plan to have a hanging plant beside the tub.

Guest bath

Once the rooms are finished, I'll share sourcing for all the fixtures.  If you are trying to branch out of the stock finishes, online is the way to go.  I knew that I wanted antique brass fixtures in the master bath, and since these haven't really come back into popularity in your basic home store, I had to look around online for those.

The kitchen cabinets are in place, as well as the refrigerator.  Once the frame for the bar has been built, the countertops can be installed.  From there, we will be able to have the sink plumbed and installed, appliances put in, and the remaining trim to be finished.

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