Refinishing the Floors

12:18 PM

Hope everyone is having a great week!

We've had a very exciting milestone happen at the farmhouse - the floors have been refinished!!

The original floors were sanded down, which removed old stain and leveled out some rough spots where we had to patch in boards.  After that, the first coat of stain could be applied to all the wood flooring.  We chose Minwax Early American, and it's been exciting seeing the different shades the stain has come out depending on the floor type. 

 One half of the house still has the original heart pine floors. 

 The other half and hallway has oak flooring, potentially installed between the 20's and the 40's.

  The back addition has new wood, so each part looks a bit different.  

The new stain did bring out some water damage spots in the hallway, but it's not something that I mind terribly.  I love the imperfectness of an older home.  

This one coat of both stain and sealer.  In the next few weeks they will finish with two more coats of sealer.

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