A New Front Porch

11:00 AM

Eeeek!  We're closing in on moving day!

There's still a few more weeks of work left, but SO much has been accomplished recently!

One of those things was rebuilding the front porch.

When we purchased the house, half of the front porch was closed in.  I knew that I wanted a full, open porch, complete with swing and cozy places to sit.

The porch was reopened, which let in a ton of light and brought the house back to what it should be.

A few weeks ago, the old porch was torn down and rebuilt, complete with new boards and much sturdier posts. We chose to keep the steps to the side of the porch, because if you look at the house straight on, you can see that the center roof peak and the front door are not lined up.  The peak is centered with the roof, and the front door is centered with the hallway, but those two don't quite line up.  My guess is that it's a result of the house having been built in stages, potentially with half the house being built at a time.

We're having a beam put in at this end to hang a swing, since we kept the natural pitch of the roof.

The final stage of the porch was having the front steps refinished and the sides rebuilt:

We have to wait a few months to let the wood dry out before we can stain it.  I can't wait to share what it looks like then!

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  1. Hello there, We were in touch awhile back but could not find your email. I am a Contributing Editor to Country Living Magazine and we spoke about a potential feature. If you have my email info, could you drop me a line?

    1. Hey Catherine,

      I sent you a few emails, just hoping that I sent them to the correct email address. Hope you are well!