Laundry Room Progression

8:00 AM

Happy New Year!

There's been lots and lots of activity happening at the farmhouse!

A few posts back I had shared that our laundry room was having to be rebuilt.  I left off right before the new slab was poured.

Once the slab had dried, the walls were ready to be framed!

The exterior wall was brought in to match the rest of the addition:

The new roof being framed!

The photo below is a view from the kitchen, looking at what will be the hallway mudroom.  The laundry room is in this hallway and to the left.

Before, this wall had a door.  We relocated the door into the hallway, and added in the window on the right.

One of the fun features of this room is the door.  I didn't want to take up valuable space in either the laundry room or the hallway, so we decided on a pocket door!

Now we have drywall!!

I'm planning on putting in a drying rack for delicate clothes to dry on.  Are there any laundry room features or items that you can't function without?

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