New Laundry Room

7:14 AM

As I mentioned last time, the laundry room is having to be completely rebuilt.

This set us back a little on our timeline, but it will ensure a properly supported structure and give us a more aesthetic look from the outside.  We are losing a little bit of space on the outside wall, which will make the laundry room and the bathroom part of the addition even.

You can see the outline of the original structure prior to the addition.

Our neighbors came by to see the progress over the weekend, and they confirmed that the current location for the laundry room was the kitchen for the original house.  This would also explain the location of the small well we found.  It was directly in front of the old kitchen, and most likely had a hand pump.

The roof side of the cast iron piece that a stove pipe would have went through.

1900s foundation- rocks!

Look at those blade marks on the old beam!
The entire room has been torn down and grading done, so the concrete footing was poured for the new foundation.  If the weather holds, we should have the foundation poured this week, and hopefully the walls rebuilt next week.

So far this week we have had ductwork and vent openings installed, plus wiring run in the old part of the house. Hopefully plumbing is coming next week, followed by drywall!

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