7:31 AM

The past couple of weeks have been a little slow out at the house.  We've had some behind the scenes work done, such as framing, cutting holes for outlets and running electrical.

The most exciting thing was having grading work done around the house, which will improve the slope and encourage water to flow away from the foundation.  We also had the trash pile behind the house scooped up and taken away.

Home ownership changes the things you get excited about.  You know you're really an adult when you get excited to see house scraps and tree limbs hauled away by a dump truck.

We also had a few boxwoods along the front that needed removing, as well as two nandina from the side.

It looks so much better now, despite the destruction to the lawn itself.  

And now, we're able to see the entire back yard, rather than having it blocked by a massive pile of mystery scraps!

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