A new roof!

10:52 AM

A big milestone that happened recently was having part of the new roof put on!

The house will have white siding and the center gable will have decorative shake siding.

We chose a black metal roof to cover the existing shingles.  This was a much more cost effective method, as we were able to go on top of the old roof, rather than scraping it clean.  Black metal, contrary to what I had previously thought, is great at reflecting heat and keeping the house cool.

Shingles on top of shingles on top of shingles

The back half of the house needs some roof work, as well as completely rebuilding the laundry room.  The floor didn't have enough supports and was full of rotten wood, so we're starting fresh with that area.  We made an interesting discovery in that room - it was actually a part of the original house, and we believe it was their kitchen!  There are remnants of a brick chimney in the ceiling, as well as an iron surround for a wood burning stove pipe to go through.

Another positive to rebuilding that area is that the floor will be leveled off with the powder room and pantry.  Since there are several additions to the house, we had a level change at each room in the addition.  Now, we're only going to have a single step/landing to get into the pantry and laundry area!

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