Master Bathroom

7:05 AM

Last week, I talked about the other side of these rooms and how the wall connecting the master bedroom and bathroom had been framed.  In addition to framing the master bedroom wall and leveling the ceiling, our contractor also got the master bathroom, guest bathroom and master closet framed.

The fireplace was removed from this wall to make space for a shower.

The master bathroom will have a glass shower, toilet closet, vanity and clawfoot tub.  This will also connect to the master closet, which will have a sliding barn door.  

From L to R: Bathroom Door | Shower | Potty Room

This will be the guest bath!

By creating all these spaces, we are losing a bedroom, but we're gaining a closet and two extra bathrooms.  I'm excited to incorporate some of our eclectic and antique finds into these spaces.

Also, I recently had someone ask about all the colors on the walls.  On this side of the house, the tongue and groove boards, including the ceiling, had been painted a dark green.  Over the years, layers of paint, wallpaper and drywall had been added on top (in all parts of the house).  We've been scraping and peeling back these layers, but a lot of places are very stubborn and still very stuck.  Almost all of the walls will be covered in drywall, so we don't need to have them 100% clean.  This is why you see all the weird color changes and pattern!

A little farmhouse fun - I walked in to find the outline of the toilet on the floor.  I just couldn't resist putting a phrase from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on there.

Keep an eye out for more posts; there's been lots of work happening!

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