9:19 AM

Happy happy Monday!  Windows are going in at the farmhouse!!

I cannot explain how excited I am to see windows.  This is the first bit of construction happening on the house, so I feel like we're finally moving forward.  Yay progress!!

All the windows are getting fresh framing

Below you can see the new fireplace sidelights going in.  Its amazing how much light is coming in now that the glass is new and clean!
The door laying here is getting the paint stripped - heat gun for the win

There has also been continuous demo as well. The drywall has been removed in the powder room and pantry, lumber has arrived to begin framing, and siding has been removed around the house.

It's a hot mess right now but soon it will be gorgeous!

 I really wish we could save the shiplap siding, but the benefits of vinyl outweigh my love for the wood siding.  There's also a lot of rot and damage to the shiplap.  I'm hoping after the foundation is reinforced,  the next steps will be updating the roof and siding.

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