Rainy Days

9:52 AM

At our temporary home, we don't have a backyard for the dogs to hang out in, so for potty breaks we have to go on a walk.  The upside is that the dogs love getting out to smell all the strange new smells, including a giant groundhog we've discovered.  The downside to this is that sometimes it's raining and there's only thirty minutes until I have to leave for work.  Forward, march!

Off we go!

Cara doesn't mind the weather too much; her coat is thicker and more waterproof.  She's an outdoor pup, through and through.
All smiles!

Henry, on the other hand, has delicate sensibilities and does not appreciate being rained on.  Or getting his feet wet.  Or anything that is too strenuous.
Where he prefers to be, looking out in judgement.

I'm definitely going that have to get him a rain jacket!

Their favorite part about rainy walks is being dried off when we return!  Cara always lets me wrap her up like Mother Teresa.

Henry always gets curly and fuzzy after being out in the rain.  The humidity and damp just wreak havoc on his perfectly styled coat. (Insert dog eye roll here)

We especially love days when I'm off work, so we can come back and snuggle on the couch, even if it means sharing the space with the cats.

Cat lady mug, cat lady pjs...

Always finish a rainy walk with a mug of your favorite beverage!

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