10:53 AM

We're moving full steam ahead!

Last week the following things were completed:
- the ceilings were framed with leveling boards 
- the master bedroom/bathroom floor was leveled, re-supported with new joists, and closed in
- the master bedroom/bathroom wall was framed
- the master bath/guest bath and master closet were all framed

Today I'm going to talk about the ceilings and the master bedroom.

The original house, supposedly built in 1900, obviously is not going to be structurally perfect.  There had been termite damage and rot on a few boards, so we had some sagging in parts of the house.  The addition of extra brick to the fireplace added weight to the floors, and there was a significant dip in what will be the master bedroom.  Luckily, the way the house was constructed allowed for the floors to be lifted without affecting the wall structure.  The room is still not totally level, but with a 100+ year old house, we never expected it to be.

As the house has shifted over the years, and I'm sure due to the construction abilities of the time, the ceilings are also not totally level either.  Thankfully the ceilings are over 10 feet tall, so we were able to have them framed out to be level once we add drywall, without losing height.

You can really see the difference in ceiling height in this one.

The framing for the master bedroom wall was also completed!

The spot they are framing is the where the fireplace and wall used to be.  The plywood is covering the massive hole I talked about last week, and also where they added new joists and foundation supports.  The master bedroom will be on the other side of the wall.  This side is where the master bathroom, guest bathroom, and master closet will all be.  I'll talk more about that later this week!

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