A half bath and a butler's pantry

7:26 AM

I really love saying the phrase "butler's pantry."  It just sounds so fancy and upscale.

A butler's pantry is traditionally a small room in between the kitchen and dining room that holds the serving dishes, fine china, and offers a place to make the meal presentable before it is carried through to the dining room.  There isn't space to set up a dining room at the house, so our butler's pantry is going to be my storage area for all my baking supplies, a second refrigerator, and a spot to store my homemade canned goods.  At our old house, we had an extra refrigerator in the garage and it was a lifesaver when there were events that required a cake or casserole.

Near the kitchen, there are a few small rooms that will be a laundry room, mudroom, a half bath and the pantry.

To the left there will be a half bath
Did you see that wallpaper??

This side of the room will be the pantry!

Another view of where the half bath will be

I'm thinking 1970 was the last time this bathroom had been updated.  I have an adorable retro pink sink that we got for $10 at an architectural salvage store that will be perfect for this tiny bathroom!

 Sorry 70s, but you were just not a stylish decade. The 50s were so much cuter.

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