A Busy Week

7:08 AM

We had a very productive week at the farmhouse!  And by we, I mean our contractor.

It has to get worse before it gets better, right?

For those that are seeing the house in bits or coming by for visits to see the progress, it definitely looks dismal and that the house is getting worse each day.  But with each piece removed and exposed and pried out, it's one step closer to being finished.  There's a giant hole in between two rooms....as in the entire floor is missing, but this opened up the ability to level the floor and replace rotten joists.

The fireplace was removed from here

Hey under the house....and rock foundation!
The front porch, which had a section closed off to make more living space, is being reopened.  The porch will now extend all the way across the front of the house.  Hellooooo porch swing!  The new exterior wall has been framed, and the window will be sized to match the opposite side.

Floorboards on floorboards

Another exciting bit of progress is that the floor in the back of the hallway has been removed.  This area will get reframed to make a new opening into the living area, and steps will be put in.  We will also patch the floor with tongue and groove boards taken from other areas of the house, so the oldest part of the house has consistent flooring.

There should be a lot more to see this week!

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