I'm baaaaack!

3:38 PM

So the month of June kicked my butt.

Like, the ultimate beat down, no survivors, kicked my butt.

It also doesn't help that I make things much more stressful in my mind.  When life gets busy and I feel overwhelmed, I completely shut down.  Sadly, that also affects my writing.  I'm thankful that July is here and life is somewhat shifting into a much calmer new normal.

So I think where I left you was that we were slowly working on demo.  Here's where we are today:

Many have asked if we are living in the farmhouse; we are not.  We have gutted the only bathroom, and there is also no air conditioning.  I'm not about to go through an Alabama summer with no air.  The house we had been living in for the past four years sold mid-June, and my mother-in-law offered to let us stay in their townhouse while the farmhouse is being made liveable.


Sooooo, mid-June we had to pack up our house, along with two dogs and two cats, and move into our temporary space.  It was a bit of an adjustment for the pups, since we have no backyard.  They had to learn that our daily walks were now for potty breaks, and that barking loudly in the house was a no-no.  Praise Jesus, they have finally adjusted and everyone is loving "city life".  The positive is that now we can walk a lot more, but that also means being able to walk to fast food.  The struggle is definitely real on that one.

Henry's favorite part - the glass storm door.

Does this harness make my butt look big?

Now that we have sold our home, our contractor is able to start work on the farmhouse.  We have pretty much ripped the inside apart.  The fun part of this is that there have been lots of beautiful discoveries, along with some not so great things, such as finding mold and decaying wood.  We did find that the front porch has a gorgeous vaulted roof and the shiplap in all the interior rooms continues onto the ceiling.

Check out the pictures below to see the current state of the house:

Closed off front porch that we are re-opening. Check out that ceiling!

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