Fireplace: Before and Now

8:02 AM

Happy Monday!

I thought today I would share a little of the demo progression of one of the fireplaces.  We believe that this is the oldest section of the house, which would make the fireplace roughly 117 years old.  The structure has been slowly deteriorating over the years, and rather than maintaining it, previous owners simply supported the opening and added new, and very massive, facades.

As we slowly chipped away at the added bricks, the original fireplace was revealed.  It was most likely open to both rooms in the beginning, but was closed off when the outer bricks were added.

We are keeping the bricks to build the back patio, so that they can still remain with the house.
Bricks from the chimneys, above the roofline

This side of the fireplace is in what will be the master bedroom: 

The wall will be reframed, with a door on each side of where the fireplace currently is.  I'm on the lookout for an antique mantle to put where the fireplace is.  I feel like it's a probably a little strange to put a faux fireplace in, but I want to honor the history of the house. 

On the other side, the room will be split up into a master bathroom, a master closet, and a guest bathroom.
Bye bye fireplace, hellooooo shower.

I'll leave you with a few of my bathroom inspo pics. Enjoy!

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