Country Living Fair!

10:32 AM

Two weekends ago we went to the Nashville Country Living Fair.  More specifically, Lebanon, TN, but Nashville just sounds more exciting.

Normally we attend the one in Stone Mountain, Georgia, but this year decided to change it up. They have several fairs throughout the year (in different cities), so there are plenty of options depending on where you live.  We always purchase the early bird tickets, which gets us in the gate an hour and a half before general admission.  If you ever go, I HIGHLY recommend doing this.

 Friday morning's weather was lovely:
Third in line!!

The food truck selection was smaller than at the Georgia fair, but they did have a truck selling fried green tomatoes.  Bless their souls, it was amazing!

Mid-morning on Friday it began to look ominous out, so I took this moody polaroid. 

Once general admission is let in, it becomes impossible to get up to the booths, so that's when we leave.  The rest of Friday was rainy, so we spent the day in downtown Nashville eating and drinking coffee, both noble pursuits.
Five Daughters Bakery
Biscuit Love "The East Nasty" Fried Chicken | Cheddar Cheese | Sausage Gravy

Biscuit Love "Bonuts" Fried Biscuit Dough | Blueberry Compote | Lemon Mascarpone

There was a small break in the rain and I was able to get my picture made in front of this gorgeous mural!  

All the heart eyes for these wings.

The Finds:

Saturday morning was rainy, but that didn't stop anyone.  It was great seeing how committed everyone was to being there; we just put the hoods of our rain jackets up and pressed on.  

Polaroids - my new obsession

Check out the links below to purchase fair tickets or see the restaurants we ate at!

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