Breakfast with the birds

9:00 AM

I've started a new routine on Sunday mornings where I pack up my breakfast and coffee and head out to the house to enjoy some early morning time in nature.

 In addition to the amazing choir of birds singing, I love having the chance to experience absolute stillness.  Those who don't know me well think that I'm already extremely quiet and I'm sure wonder why I would need even more quiet.  However, my mind is constantly going.

 Have you ever been around one of those obnoxiously loud people that talk incessantly, wear bright clothing and just have a boisterous presence about them?  That's what my mind feels like.  I think a lot and say very little, mostly because I despise small talk.  I also value time to be truly alone.  I feel recharged and focused after those times.  So this morning it was just me and the birds.  And a few battling squirrels, which I avoided like the plague because I have this deep-seated fear of them attacking me.  Don't laugh. They're shady creatures and can't be trusted.

This may sound weird, but I have two spots on the property that are my favorite.  They just feel happy.  One of them reminds me of the back of my great-grandmother's house, and the other is beneath two trees; the latter being where I spent most of my childhood.  The one I chose this morning is under two lovely cedar trees, and directly across from my future bird sanctuary.

I popped open my vintage folding chair, transferred my coffee from a travel container to my bird mug, and closed my eyes for a bit to feel the sun warm my face.  It felt like an unconventional church service.

The advantage to being quiet and still is that birds don't feel threatened by you.  I watched several cardinal pairs land in the trees around me, singing their good mornings and welcoming the day.  The sun was streaming in to my left, and I could see the glistening spider webs reach from branch to branch, their middles stretching with the light breeze.  Birds seemed to swirl around me, with sounds ranging from shrill tweets and to almost liquid sounding melodies.

"When peace like a river, attendeth my way....."

It is well with my soul.

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