Before and After - Part Two

10:02 PM

Today's post is on part two of the demo progress.

The second half of work has been on three of the four bedrooms.  The original house has four bedrooms, each with a fireplace back to back with the room connected to it.  In the first bedroom, (which will later become an office) the previous owner had begun putting in a closet. It was awkward in the space and not needed, so out it came.  Drywall has started coming out in this room, as well as the mantle and tile surrounding the fireplace.
Left: Before of office | Right: After of office, closet removed
 I really want to keep the brick exposed and add an antique mantle to the fireplace.  Most of the brick is in good shape, so hopefully after a little mortar touch-ups it will be good to go.  And by go, I mean look gorgeous but not function.  The chimneys are sadly going to have to come down.
Left: Before of office | Right: Current status
 The master bedroom and connecting room, we believe, are the very first part of the house.  We're pretty sure they built the two room cabin, then eventually built the other side of the house and connected the two with the hallway (possibly porch at the time).  The original brick of this fireplace is in much worse shape and will need to be removed.  However, I'm hoping to save the bricks and either use them to reconstruct a faux fireplace or repurpose them elsewhere.
Left: Before of master bedroom | Right: As much of the fireplace as we can safely remove
 The room connected to the this is going to be divided up to make a master bathroom, master closet, and guest powder room.  We are removing the monstrosity of a fireplace that someone added on, as well as the original fireplace.  This space will become a shower, linen closet and toilet space.
Left: Before of master bathroom | Right: Demo in progress

Below is a hall closet that will be staying.  Basically all we did was clean all the junk out of it.  It's tiny and adorable.  I'm planning on putting some stained shelving in, thus making it more adorable. Behold its adorableness:
Hall closet #totesadorbs

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