Before and After - Part One

9:32 PM

Happy Wednesday!  Demo is moving right along at the dog trot.  Today I'll be highlighting the entry hallway.  

The first thing you would see upon entering the house was a doorway halfway down the hall.  As you can see from the picture on the left, this really closed off the space.  The first thing we did was to rip down this wall, along with all of the drywall.  This is when we discovered the adorable vintage wallpaper I posted about recently, as well as the original shiplap walls. 
Left: Before of hallway | Right: Mid-demo of hallway
 At the end of the hallway, the previous owner had begun construction on a full bathroom.  The problem with this is that in order to get to the main living area, you have to walk through the two back bedrooms.  I highly doubt our guests want to have everyone traipsing through their room to go to the kitchen.

Below, you can see the progress from the opposite end of the hall.  Also, how cute is that antique church pew we scored from a fellow home renovator?!

Left: Before of hallway, opposite end | Right: Mid-demo of hallway, opposite end
 We have since ripped out the hall bathroom (with plans to add a small powder room in part of one of the extra rooms), and have fully opened the hall into the main living area.  The plan is to make a landing and stairs that exit into the living room/kitchen.

Below is a progression series of the hallway demo.  The fun part of this has been peeling back all the layers; it's literally a trip back in time.  Were these people happy?  Were they cheerfully applying wallpaper and a fresh coat of paint, or was it a last ditch effort to get out?
Progression of the hallway demolition

Here are some shots of the bathroom demo!  At this end of the hall, the roof slopes downward, and we're planning to have that raised to match the height of the rest of the house
Once the rooms are more completely cleared out, I will post an official before and after of each space.  I've had several people ask how the progress is going, so I wanted to show all the work that's being done.  So far everything is coming out smoothly (knock on wood), so fingers crossed it will continue that way!

To be continued.....

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