Demo Days

7:20 AM

It was her chaos that made her beautiful.     -Atticus

This weekend was extra productive at the farmhouse.  We got massive amounts of drywall ripped down, trim pried off, and said goodbye to some not so lovely 1970's faux wood paneling.  The main part of the work was centered in the hallway and what will be the office, as well as the mudroom and guest bathroom.

First though, I packed up my breakfast on Sunday and had a little picnic on the front porch.

I'm really looking forward to being able to do that more often.  I absolutely adore birds, and spending the breezy morning sipping my coffee and listening to a mini bird concert was perfect.

After lunch, my dad and sister came out to help do some demo.

Before - Left side of office
Before- Right side of office

She went boss on some of those walls, and helped out a ton getting the drywall down.  We both tested out our kicking abilities.

Meanwhile, my dad cut down a very large and very dead pine tree, as well as taking off some low hanging branches on a few of the trees closer to the house.

We also made a wonderful discovery on one of the fireplaces!  It had been surrounded by drywall and a wood mantle, and I was dying to see what was hiding behind there.

Briiiiiccccckkkkkk!! Woot Woot!

This is most definitely going to stay.  I'm hoping to keep this wall with the "shiplap" boards exposed, with a wider mantle so that you can see all that gorgeous brick.

End of day status

End of day status

End of day status

Guest bathroom and mudroom demo coming next!

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