1:00 PM

Demo is under way at the dogtrot!

The current project is tackling the hallway.

Before shot of the hallway

It originally had a wall halfway down, a remnant of an addition and a possible doorway to a fifth room.  The most recent owner, who had plans to update and sell the house, had begun work on a hall bathroom.

Bathroom at the end of the hall

The problem with this bathroom is that to access the back addition of the house, you had to go through the back two bedrooms to get there.  Our plan is to take out the bathroom and wall, which will open up a hallway straight into the back of the house.  This should also provide a space for a dining area as well.

Demo on this part of the house has provided several exciting surprises.

The first discovery was this adorable vintage wallpaper:

Eeeeeeee! It's so cute I could die!

So many layers!

I've found a similar pattern online that dates to the 1950s.  We made sure to cut out a section to save and frame.

The next find was the original tongue and groove walls!

I've been reminded numerous times that this is not shiplap, but its adorable and old and I love it.  My plan for the hallway is to put wainscoting on the bottom half and leave the shiplap exposed on the top.  The walls, trim and baseboards will be white, and **fingers crossed** the old doors will be stripped down to a blonde color.

How many stripper jokes can you make? My goal is every single one.

The third exciting find was that there were sidelights behind the wall around the front door.  These will be updated and stay.

It's been so exciting finding all these hidden treasures!

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  1. cool, cool, double cool. am jealous. love your hidden treasures. i know those are exciting. no stripper jokes though. too easy with stripper and blonde in the same sentence. good luck, randy